Welcome, to the 2nd Home to Allison Milne Photography!

I would like to start off this post, by introducing my blog! I have been in the works for a while now trying to come up with something that I feel happy about. I was having difficulty wrapping my head around different designs and how I wanted to present my blog! I have came to the conclusion to use parts of my website [www.allisonmilne.com] to reflect the design in my blog as well [take note that photobiz.com is my web host, LOVE them]!!! The most simple and most obvious design is what I ended up using!

So this is where I will be posting & showcasing all my wedding and portrait sessions and everything else in between [ along with Facebook Notes on the Fan Page ]. So keep your eyes peeled as I will be posting lots, especially in the next few weeks! Thanks for reading, and now onto our FIRST post!!