Laura and Her Boys: Tali and Wheels | Portrait Session

After a much needed LONG weekend of catch up & editing , I have been able to put together Laura’s session from last week with her two favorite boys….

Laura came to me asking me to come out and photograph her & her horses {Tali & Wheels}. She is currently in the mix of selling her horse, Wheels, and she wanted to get some photos of him before she handed him off for him to start a new chapter in his life!

We also did some work with Tali, another one of her gorgeous horses. Aside from almost being run over by Tali as she was momentarily spooked and proceeded to throw a hissy-fit and take off on us – the barn has been BY FAR one of my favorite places to shoot. Perhaps you might recognize this particular barn from my Engagement Session with Runilla & Clive.

Thank you Laura; for allowing me to be apart of your life at the barn and introducing me to your boys – Tali & Wheels, as I know they are you pride/joy/and the air that you breath!

Enjoy taking a peak at Laura’s session. You will immediately recognize that Laura is quite the country girl!