Best Friends // Soulmates // Newlyweds | Wedding Photography

Best Friends . Soulmates . Newlyweds – allow me to introduce, Lindsay & Ryan Blyth!

I had the ultimate honour of photographing Lindsay & Ryan’s wedding in Whitby on Saturday. I have known Lindsay and her family for a number of years now, ever since my older sister Kelly started playing softball with Lindsay during their high school years, and later on into their university and post university years. Lindsay and Ryan are two people who have been blessed with marrying their best friend. There is never a dull moment when you’re around them, friends and family will understand this. They both are so incredibly humble and friendly.

Big shout out to my wonderful boyfriend, Chris, who came along and gave me a hand and who did all the driving / navigating since thats not my forte, although I’m working on it! Couldn’t have done it without him!

{ Lindsay & Ryan:  Thank you, to the both of you, for giving me the opportunity to photograph your wedding day. I wish that life gives you all the wonderful things it has to offer, heck its already given you one another so thats a pretty beautiful start. Best of luck to you both, and your new puppies, in your new chapter in life!  }

** The letter from Ryan, in the above right reads: **

“Lindsay, Love you with all of my heart. See you in a few short hours. Love you ba-ba.”

He wrote this to her very early in the morning, when they were standing on either side of the bathroom door. He couldn’t open the door because they weren’t allowed to see one another before the wedding. So instead he wrote this, and passed it underneath the door.