Hipknitized Fall Line Photoshoot, Hillsdale Ontario | Portrait Photography

On Sunday, I packed up all my gear and a trunk full of props, and took a drive to the cute and quaint, Hillsdale, and met up with some amazing kids – along with their terrific parents! I would like to start this post, by sending out a huge THANK-YOU to those parents and for their participation and patience, it was the glue to this whole project. On behalf of Jen and myself we couldn’t have asked more! Everyone was tremendously understanding and patient with us. I unfortunately didn’t get an opportunity to chat with the parents on a more personal level due to our tight schedule, but I really hope to be able to talk with you all one on one. I hope everyone left happy and, I really hope you all enjoy the photos.

Everyone had come out to take part in shooting, Jen Gontier’s “Hipknitized” Fall 2010 Accessory Line. We had many trunks full of clothes, and everyone’s co-operation and communication made it all happen! These kids were all equally amazing, and it am so privileged to have been able to photograph them all.

Jen’s work is BEAUTIFUL!, and I highly recommend her and her product. Quality and love! ❤

This was my first time doing a project of this caliber, so it was a huge learning experience for me, and overall I am proud of the result and outcome. There is lots I would change and lots of proud moments I have for myself. I am thrilled with the final product and am very happy that I am finally able to show everyone what we were able to come up with! So enjoy this post and remember to please leave feedback! I *love* reading comments!!

[ Man-oh-man, I wonder if you readers actually read my written part! Yikes, do I write too much? ]

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