Featuring: The Oh SO Bubbly & Cute Diana! | Fall Portrait Session

A week or so ago, I had the privilege of photographing Diana. Her sister {all the way out in Vancouver} contacted me in the summer, asking to purchase a portrait package as a birthday gift for her sister. I was so excited that she we wanted to do this for her! After learning how to email money {which is the coolest thing ever!} we got her all hooked up and it was just a matter of booking a date.

She wanted to several wardrobe changes so we picked out numerous outfits and locations and went on our way. I am SO happy with the result and I had such an amazing time photographing her. She worked it, and was so easy to shoot! Thankyou Diana, for being so darn bubbly and fun! It makes my job the BEST in the world – this is the truth.

Purchasing portrait packages are a GREAT gift idea for everyone! Please contact me for more details if interested.