Beautiful Bride .. Beautiful Wedding .. Beautiful Day | Wedding Photography

Talk about a perfect day! Not only was this day symbolizing Shannon and Dwayne and their commitment to one another but it was also a celebration of their families.

Shannon and Dwayne grew up together in Big Bay Point. Their families have always been friends, but their wedding day was a day where their friendship morphed into two families becoming one – and it was really amazing to witness that.

I had the honor of photographing Shannon and Dwayne’s wedding, as well as a “guest,” as I am Shannon’s cousin too. Photographers and other industry vendors will understand that there is a very fine line drawn when put in a circumstance such as this. I was hesitant at first when Shannon approached me asking me to photograph their wedding. I am SO happy that I agreed to come on board. The weather we were blessed with ,was to die for! It was amazing! Phenomenal fall colors and 20’+ weather. Cha-ching! WIN!

At one point in the evening the song, ‘Foot Loose,’  came on. Every time my sisters and I are at a wedding and this song comes on, its tradition to get on the dance and let loose – no pun intended. And well, we get crazy! I sat down my camera for a wee bit, and made my way to the dance floor. It was very necessary. One of the guests who was on the dance floor at the time, stopped dancing, and pointed across to me, and asked “Wait, is that the photographer?” One of my other cousins responded “YUP!” and the guest responded back, “AH that is freaking AMAZING!” Shortly after, we made our way to the cake cutting, and Shannon thought it would be appropriate to then throw cake not only in Dwayne’s face, but also mine for some reason. For the record, Cakes By Design, makes not only very pretty cakes, but also very tasty cakes! WOW!

No to brag or anything – but I watched my Nana, who has a brand new hip and a portion of a new back .. do the twist, and get low on the dance floor. She is one of a kind. It blew my mind!

Congratulations Shannon & Dwayne on your new chapter, and I extend that congrats out to the Hillock & Rowlandson families as well! You and your day was beautiful!

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