A Baby Session with Parker! | Portrait Session

Photographing children, is something I keep finding myself getting very excited about! How could I not? Children are always a blessing to photograph, I always find a big smile on my face from the time I arrive to the time that I wrap up a session and part ways.

Photographing Parker, did just that. He is a 6 month old bundle of happiness! He was full of smiles and giggles! I couldnt possibly ask for more! He was in his element when rolling around in his undies, big grins and plenty of drooling was all over his agenda for us.

Kelly (Parker’s mom!), was given a gift certificate for a session, as a baby shower gift! For anyone that is interested in purchasing a gift certificate for any denomination, and or session type, can definitely do so! This would be a terrific gift for the Holiday Season, for anyone! If interested please email [milneallison@hotmail.com] or contact me via. the CONTACT page on the website, www.allisonmilne.com

Enjoy a collection of the photos that we got from Parker’s session!

Parker, thank you for being SO adorable, and chipper! Kelly & Craig, thank you for being so amazing yourselves and having such a wonderful son!

Thanks so much to everyone that continues to come by the Blog and the Fan Page to look at the sessions I post, and for your continued support! It means the world to me!!