John & Marriah .. Engaged! | Engagement Session

This session brings up a story that sums me up in an embarrassing nut shell. Many other photographers can agree that winter usually cramps your style when it comes to locations. Everything is white and colourless and tends to look the same, so scouting for locations is sort of like pulling teeth. I thought I hit the jackpot when I found this field on the north-east end of town out towards Shanty Bay. Long grasses, cat tails, some red bushes – COLOUR! I was thrilled! So after our first location I took Marriah and John  to my favourite location. I marched first into the deep snow and as I walked further into the “field.” I felt ice, mentioned it – crossed my fingers and kept walking. I figured that oh apparently its a marsh, a nice strong sturdy frozen marsh. I was the first to get wet, gracefully, but luckily the mushy muck underneath cushioned my feet. At that point I was like OKAY – maybe it’s not that safe!! So we headed back towards the road, but on our way back John got wet too UGH!

( I found this quite similar to the time I was photographing another engagement session at a horse barn & I thought it would be a brilliant idea to hop a fence and jump down in to a very DEEP muddy field … I photographed the rest of that one without shoes. )

I felt SO bad!! We made an immediate pit stop at my apartment to fetch some of my boyfriends shoes and socks, since Johns feet were wet too. Upside? The photos that we managed to snag in that short period of time were my favorites!!

Afterwards we made our way to two other locations and finished the session on a dry note. Every time I made them sit down in the snow I made sure I was getting just as snowy as they were. Winter sessions definitely keep things interesting! I am REALLY looking forward to photographing their wedding day at Belcroft Tree Farms in the SUMMER!

Thank you to you both for roughing it with me & those winter elements!! You both were a blast to photograph!!!

(Oh and John … congrats on the win! Go Packers! Haha!)

Here is a collection of some of the photos we got from their session! Enjoy!!

~ Stay warm!!! ~