A Little Valentines Day Romance … Jesse & Farren | Couples Session

Valentines Day is here, and I hope that everyone had the opportunity to show their love to all the wonderful people in their lives! I cheated a little and did my celebrations on the 13th … whoops! My day commenced with a big bouquet surprise from a pretty amazing boyfriend .. brunch with my entire [amazing] family … followed by a simple dinner out with the same pretty amazing guy that started my day off so well. During the afternoon, I had a terrific couples session with Jesse & Farren, which to Farren’s surprise didn’t know about it until the morning of their session. Jesse managed to set everything up and give it to her as a gift for Valentines Day.We were blessed with warm weather, and we were even more lucky when the called for rain, never came! Farren’s eyes are to die for! They both photographed so amazingly together! Sorry to keep the written so short. Have a wee case of writers block – ick!

… below is a collection of their session out in Midhurst. Enjoy!