Amanda … A Summer Session | Portrait Session

Tonight on the blog we have Amanda’s Summer Session! There is nothing easier than having a woman like Amanda, come in to a session and be as relaxed and easy going as she was!

I met Amanda about 6 or so years ago, when we both were working at Snow Valley Resort during our highschool & college careers. She most recently contacted me to book a session for some head shots that she needed for her profile on the Tema Conter Memorial Trust website, as she just recently was offered a position as speaker for the foundation. After further educating my self of what this foundation stood for, Tema Conter Memorial Trust is a foundation that provides help and supprt for the men and women in emergency service & the military, that witness traumatic experiences every single day, as they experience post traumatic stress and depression as a result of their line of work. Amanda is speaking and educating others on behalf of Tema Conter, through her own story.

Anyone that has the privilege of knowing her, will be able to fend for the fact, that Amanda is nothing short of amazing, inspiring, beautiful – inside and out, and an incredible human being.  I couldn’t possibly be more honored that she asked myself to photograph her for this new chapter that she is embarking on!

Below is a collection of photos that we photographed throughout her session.